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Welcome To Expert Plumbing Garbage Disposals Houston TX

Garbage disposal repair is a completely popular kitchen plumbing problem, and it’s regularly one homeowners can address themselves. remember that just because a garbage disposal has discontinue running doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be changed.

Garbage Disposal Repair

If your garbage disposal is not working, first, check to see if it will turn freely with a service spanner. Any InSinkErator disposer is crafted with a self-service spanner. The spanner is silver colored, and shaped such as a small crank, about four inches long. If it will not turn freely with a service wrench, the disposal is perhaps trapped. 

* Check to see if the reset button is popped out.
* If your disposal is hard cable, check for power at fuse or the breaker.
* If your disposal has a rope, and there is no power to the disposal, check the circuit breaker.
* If your disposal has a rope, and there is power to the disposal, get an licensed service center to diagnose your issue. Call Us Now!

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