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Disposers also utilize the base amount of water and power necessary. On average, disposers utilize approximately one gallon of water for every person for every day, which amounts to one percent or to a lesser degree a family unit's total water consumption. Disposers utilize approximately 3 to 4 kilowatt hours of power; on average, that's short of what 50 pennies a year for operation.

Waste Disposal Unit

If you see nothing obvious, insert the wrench into the motor spline, found at the bottom of the unit, and twist right and left. If the motor spins freely, check that the circuit breaker hasn't tripped and then try the reset button. If these measures don't work, and your disposer's warranty has expired, it's time to replace it.

There are many myths encompassing a disposer, yet how about we put the greatest one to rest: there are no blades. A disposer works more like a cheddar grater than a blender and shreds or toils food waste rather than cutting or cutting it.

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